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B-2 160 $1,250 $575.00 9' 15' x 11' Great Starter Room.Everything Works.Light, Heat, Air Conditioning.The Place Is Secure.There Is Reliable Electric.Grow Out Of It And Move To Another Larger Room N/A Now CLICK TO VIEW
B-4 140 $1,350 $625.00 9' 10"x 13" Wonderful Starter Room With Window.Window Has Bunnies And Squirrels.Get Heat And Air Conditioning For No Additional Cost.Slop Sink Nearby South 1-Oct-17 CLICK TO VIEW
B-5-B 140 $1,300 $600.00 9' 8'3" x 15'7" The Litte Room That Could.Here is What You Get.A Window.Heat and Air Conditioning.Concrete Floor.An Exposed Brick Wall.You are Right Near the Slop Sink.Ttrack Lights on a Dimmer.A Flourescent Wall Mounted Light.An overhead Fan. South 1-Sep-17 CLICK TO VIEW
B-6 300 $2,700 $1,300.00 9'   Fantastically Romantic Space.Brick On Two Walls.Perfect For A Lot Of Uses.Try:Artist, E-Business, Florist, Designer, Any Business.Windows All Around.Track Lights, Overhead Fan, Great Air Conditioning And Heat.Tons Of Electric Distribution South/West 1-Mar-17 CLICK TO VIEW
B-16-1 150 $1,500 $700.00 9 10' x 15' Original 100 Year Old Brick Wall and a Small Window.Heating and Air Conditioning Included.Overhead Fan.Vry Conveneient to the Entrance.Good Electric Distribution.Concete Floor East 3--20-17 CLICK TO VIEW
B-16-2 125 $1,400 $650.00 9' 12' c 10' Great Small Room.Heat And Air Conditioning Are Included.Real Value.Concrete Floor.Private Room.Small Window. East 1-Aug-17 CLICK TO VIEW
B-18 125 $1,000 $450.00 9' Varies Very Practical Room.Very Low Rent.Adjustable Track Lighting.Just Steps From Front Entrance.No Additional Charge for Heating and Air Conditioning.Plug In Access to Internet.Lots of Electric Distribution.No Windows.Completely Private.
N/A January, 2017 CLICK TO VIEW
B-30 125 $1,250 $575.00 9 10' x 12' Small, Practical, and Inexpensive.But The Room Packs a Wallop.Why, Because Its Like A Small Car With Most of the Bells and Whistles.What Whistles?A Lot ofElectric Distribution.Heating and Air Conditioning.Overhead Fan. Track Lighting. Heavy Floor Loading Capacity. None 15-May-17 CLICK TO VIEW
1-B 265 $2,600 $1,250.00 12' 12' Giant Window with Eastern Light Which Means You are Drenched in Light.It is Practically at The Front Door.Makes it Easy for Your Clients/Guests to Find you.The Room has Extra Power, a Storage Loft, and State of the Art Heating and Air Conditioning East January, 2017 CLICK TO VIEW
1-C 225 $2,400 $1,150.00 12 10' x 21' Wonderful Morning Light Through Huge Floor-To- Ceiling Double Width Window.Best Access From The Street.Best Floor In The Building.New Ultra Comfort Ultra High End Mitsubishi Air Conditioner And Heater.Very Quiet, Very Efficient.Overhead Fan, Adjustable Track Lighting.Original Maple Flooring.Off The Floor Storage Loft. East 1-Jun-17 CLICK TO VIEW
1-D 360 $2,900 $1,400.00 12 Varies Uses Have Included Art And Fashion Studio.L Shaped Studio.Faces Backyard With Bunnies And Squirrels.Has Loads Of Electric.High-End HVAC. Control Your Air Conditioning And Heat Yourself.Maple Floors.†† 12í Ceiling.Storage Loft.Adjustable Track Lighting. South 1-Jun-17 CLICK TO VIEW
1-F-1 250 $5,100 $2,500.00 12" 18' 6" x 13' 6" Recording, Post Production Editing, Rehearsal Space.Specially Built And Engineered.Owner To Build Under Supervision Of World Class Acoustician.Live Room.Control Room.See The Plans Yourself.Maybe You Need A Larger Room?Talk With Us.We Might Be Able To Help.Cheers See IndividualRoom Inquire For Availability Date CLICK TO VIEW
1-I 150 $2,200 $1,050.00 12 13' x 12' Wonderful, Wonderful Room.Great Room for Painter, Jeweler, or Anyone Who Loves Light Streaming Into Their Space.Adjustable Track Lighting.Quad Outlets Every Six Feet.Extra Quiet Mitsubishi Heating and Air Condtioning System.Off the Floor Storage Loft.Maple Floors.Excellent Security.Overhead Fan.Plug In Internet Capability With Large Bandwith Capability As Needed. West 1-Apr-17 CLICK TO VIEW $720.00
1-J 150 $2,200 $1,050.00 12 13' x 12' Wonderful, Wonderful Room.Great Room for Painter, Jeweler, or Anyone Who Loves Light Streaming Into Their Space.Adjustable Track Lighting.Quad Outlets Every Six Feet.Extra Quiet Mitsubishi Heating and Air Condtioning System.Off the Floor Storage Loft.Maple Floors.Excellent Security.Overhead Fan.Plug In Internet Capability With Large Bandwith Capability As Needed. West Now CLICK TO VIEW $3,300.00
1-N 180 $2,200 $1,050.00 12 12' x 15' This Is A Great Deal.There Is No Charge For Heat And Air Conditioning.If You Need Wall Space This Is The Place;You Will Have Approximately 650 Square Feet.Maple Floors.Complete Privacy.GreatAccess To The Front Door.Great Architectural Detail In White Pine Column And Beam.Mailbox.Intercom.Overhead Fan.Internet Available.†† None 1-Aug-17 CLICK TO VIEW
1-S 1200 $6,700 $3,300.00 12 22 1/2' x 55' New Pantry.Subzero Refrigerator, Bosch Dishwasher, Espresso Make, Panini , Microwave, Two Sinks.Top of The Line Space.Great For Art, Office, Photography.Partial Pantry With Large Sub Zero Refrigerator.Dedicated Mitsubishi HVAC System.Exposed White Pine Beams and Columns.Off the Floor Storage.Exposed Brick Walls.Adjutable Track Lights and Overhaad fans.Maple Floors.12' Ceiling.Oversize Windows.Large Internet Bandwidth As Needed. West Now CLICK TO VIEW
2-H 550 $3,700 $1,800.00 11 Varies Corner Suite.Tons of Light.Five Floor to Ceiling Windows.Skyline Views of Mid Town and Long Island City.Internet Bandwidth As Needed.Top of the Line Mitsubishi Heating and Air Conditioning Unit.Quad Outlets Every Six Feet.Adjustable Track Lighting.†† North/West Now CLICK TO VIEW
2-L 500 $3,950 $1,925.00 11' 20' x 25' This Is One Of Those Rooms Which Come Up Every Five Years.Why Because Itís A Little Bit Of Heaven In New York.Huge Six Foot Wide, Floor To Ceiling Windows Facing South And Facing West.An Off Gthe Floor Storage Area.A Quiet Mitsubhishi System For Heat And Air Conditioning.Look Out On A Hopper Urban Landscape Circa 1900.Clothes Lines And Bicycles In The Rear Yards.Kidsí Swimming Pools In Fading Blue.Birds, Bunnies, Squirrels. West & South 1-Oct-17 CLICK TO VIEW
2-N 650 $4,100 $2,000.00 11' 15' x 40' Spectacular Office/Workspace.Have Your Own Glass Partitioned Office.Finest And Quietist Air Conditioning And Heating System In The World Ė Mitsubishi.Floor To Ceiling Window.Look Out On A Hopper Landscape A La Retro.The Space Is Quiet.The Building Will Have A First Class Lobby And Passenger Elevator.Building Kept Very Clean And Great Service.Internet Already Installed South 1-Oct-17 CLICK TO VIEW
4-B 450 $3,900 $1,900.00 17' 20' x 25' There Are A Lot Of Superlatives For This Space.It Has Vaulted Ceilings, Tons Of Off The Floor Storage.An Electrically Operable Skylight.Floor To Ceiling Windows.Maple Floors.A Very Quiet Mitsubishi Heating And Air Conditioning System.Who Isnít It Perfect For?It Perfect For -- Architects, Designers, Photographers, E-Commerce East, God 1-Nov-17 CLICK TO VIEW          
4-F-2 200 $2,094 $997.00 12' 10' x 17' This Is One Of The Most Fantastic Rooms In The Whole Fleet.Floor To Ceiling Windows With A Panoramic View Of The City.Adjust The Temperature To Anything You Want At Any Time.Store Your Things Off The Floor In A Loft.Electric Is Everywhere Ė Meaning Quad Outlets Every Six Feet.And Old Maple Floor.Your Own Secure Space.Quiet.Private.Safe.Check It Out. West 1-Sep-17 CLICK TO VIEW
4-G-7 200 $1,750 $825.00 12' 10' x 20' Skylight Opens Electrically and Remotely by a Wand;When it Rains, it Closes Automatically.17' Ceiling In Parts.Overhead Storage Loft.Fantasticly Quiet Heating and Air Condtioning.Exposed White Pine Beams. Large Plug In Bandwidth Available. Skylight NOW CLICK TO VIEW
HT = Heat included AMP = Available Amps
AC/HT = AC & heat included in base rent I = Internet distribution available;for further information see, "Info"
WIN = Room has window S = Sublease
SKY = Operable Skylight T = Adjustable track lighting installed
L = Overhead storage loft E = Electric is sub metered
F = Overhead variable speed fan W = Water
3PH = Three phase power
1PH = Single phase power All rooms are listed subject to availability.Pricing subject to change.Rooms may be withdrawn at any time.
**SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED UPON EXECUTI0N OF LEASE (Returnable upon compliance with lease terms)
**FIRST MONTH'S RENT REQUIRED UPON TAKING OCCUPANCY (In the event, occupancy is delivered on other than the first of the month, the second month's rent will be prorated)