September 15, 2012


Tamar Builder


Little World Designs is based out of Brooklyn, formed around the idea of bringing more earth into our urban lives. I have paired my horticultural expertise with my love for vintage charms and treasures, to create these original gifts. Every vintage piece is an original unique design. The necklaces and earrings contain mini terrariums. In each mini terrarium I’ve meticulously places varied mosses, stones, crystals, and hip unusual charms. I’ve collected several different antique and rare jars/containers for my tabletop gardens that convey elegance in any home. My goal is to capture alternate worlds for your home and body, now you can bring a little earth wherever you go.

John Chamulak

I started my company with a heat press machine in my old apartment in the East Village 10 years ago. Since then the business expanded to a 4color 4station printing press in my garage at home in Queens. In January 2011 we aquired Papa B Studios which was a current occupant of studio B-15. Trident Tees and Designs now offers up to six color printing on state of the art equipment. From tee shirts, athletic wear, glass, plastic, wood and more depending on the needs of our customers.

As we continue to grow, passion pride and a caring spirit resonate throughout Trident tees & Designs for the products we produce, but most importantly...For our customers. For the next year we are striving to become an environmentally friendly shop with soy based cleaning and printing products.

Ellliot Chapman


Obscura a pinhole journey threw New York started way back in the 6th grade. the project produced one print and a lot of fun and all it took was some glue and a few ice cream sticks. Later while attending I.C.P. other formats became available and the learning of different processes help open up other avenues. I’ve been shooting since the 70’s mostly 35mm. At I.C.P. 4x5, 6x7, 8x10 became the norm in both B/W and color.

Over the years I never forgot about pinhole photography. A box, a container or anything light tight will work. Work is work but pinhole is just fun. The format doesn’t matter as much paper or film you choose!

At Elphoto I also provide stock photos for the P.S.A.L. (High school football) since 2005. Twimjo’s and Reflection Of Life are also part of the music and video postproduction work. So be it, a wedding party or photo shoot the headshots will make you smile..

Eugene Constan

I have always been intrigued and influenced by patterns and imagery that emerge through a process of demolition and decay. In turn, my paintings have been informed subconsciously by an industrial vocabulary. Painting on stretched canvas and grouping paintings together to form singular works enabled me to explore various juxtapositions of form and pattern. Aerial views of city streets, ancient writing and mosaic are a particular interest of mine. In my painting, I hope to excavate the structure of forms, pulling away their many layers to expose their fundamental elements and detritus.

In various works I have grouped paintings adjacent to one another in a mosaic-like motif exemplifying a mode inherent in the ancient traditions of Mediterranean and indigenous design; both are complex and simple and connote and connect the beautiful and the practical. Ancient ruins, decayed frescoes and modern graffiti have all influenced my work.


Nicholas Constantakis

When I was a child I drew fantastical maps of islands with coves and peninsulas, lakes and rivers. In recent years I spent significant time traveling to and from foreign lands. I have been lost in cities and towns where maps are presented in languages I cannot understand and in valleys and deserts that offer no guide. I snap photographs of trees while navigating these places, climbing hilltops and deciding which direction to continue when reaching intersections. My recent work began as I reviewed and organized these tree photographs, concentrating on the way the branches link to one another on the two dimensional plane and how the spaces in-between each physical branch and limb is consequently organized. I cut up photographs to edit these spaces, creating improbable variations of the source material. While on another flight I started a series of drawings. I attempt to recall the in-between spaces created by the tree photographs to recreate the in-between from memory. I struggle to depict this. Later, I peer out the window, at the towns and cities and earth below. I concentrate on the in-betweens created by roads, paths and waterways and how they resemble the in-betweens formed by the trees.

Melanie RR Edwards

Rifle + Radford is a Brooklyn/ Austin-based design studio specializing in curious collections of handcrafted jewels, apparel & accessories as well as heritage housewares & home décor accents. Born from a passionate relationship with the great outdoors, cultures explored & a unique use of color, each treasure is handcrafted in 2K by owner & designer, Melanie R R Edwards, or rifled from a soul of the Southwest. For this spectacular season, R +R is presenting an array of handcrafted on-of-a-kind high quality jewels & snuggly knits. Working with the natural facets of the stones, the jewels include necklaces, earrings, & rings adorned with labradorite, jasper, rubies, citrine, amethyst, and more precious/semi-precious gems. Every stone is uniquely selected for its beauty & brilliance of color and designed into the perfect setting, one-at-a-time by hand. Decorate your abode with the spirit of the southwest. Rifled form upstate New York or collected from the Runnin R Ranch in Texas, R + R offers an array of heritage housewares inspired by cultures traveled & explored infused with Americana at its best. Adorn your table with naturally shed deer antlers, drink from mid-century tumblers, or design with bold textiles. Treat yourself to some R + R.

Cayla Ferari
LinePosters is a collaboration between graphic designer, Cayla Ferari and engineer, John Breznicky that sells modern, graphic interpretations of popular city transit systems. When the two set out to find transit inspired artwork for their first apartment together, the search came up empty. John suggested they convert a design Cayla had drawn of the NYC Subway system into a large-scale wall decal for their living room. After receiving numerous compliments on their creation, the team decided to design their first product together: a black and white offset poster of the design. After spending the summer of 2011 selling on the streets NYC in their spare time, it became clear that what started as a hobby had turned into a successful business. With a growing inventory of additional city designs and products, Line Posters hopes to reach a wider audience while continuing to deliver well-designed, high-quality items.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from New York University with a concentration in mathematics in 2010. My newest series of paintings is of people lit by laptop screens. The blue glow simultaneously evokes the ordinary and the otherworldly.

Ed Heck

3G & 3N

Fresh. Bold. Engaging. These words often come to mind upon viewing the artwork of Pop Artist Ed Heck. One is immediately disarmed by the naïve charm of these brightly colored works on paper and canvas.

Ed Heck’s enigmatic canvases were first exhibited in New York City in 1999 and were an instant hit. The viewer response was overwhelming. Reactions ranged from surprised appreciation to pure delight.

Ed Heck’s artwork appeals to a varied audience, from fine art newcomers to serious collectors. His eclectic style combines animation like subject matter with an evocative use of color, coupling a wry sense of humor with generous doses of irony. His images lead us into a place uniquely Heck, filled with weird and wonderful characters, odd landscapes and a quirky visual point of view, quite unlike anything else we’ve seen before.

Welcome to the world of Ed Heck!

Paula Heisen

My studio is a bit like a Cabinet of Curiosities, full of natural history items, cultural artifacts and kitschy detritus. It is a space, both psychic and physical, that is the source for my work.

Most of my new work will be at a show in Pennsylvania, so I will be featuring a selection of older paintings and new landscape drawings for this open studio. This will be my last open studio here, and in addition to my artwork, I’ll be selling some objects I am no longer interested in painting. Stuffed peacock anyone?

A graduate of the Yale School of Art, I have exhibited my work throughout the United States, with solo exhibitions in New York City and Houston. I will be having a one-person show in Milford, PA in 2012. Among the grants and awards I’ve received are an Elizabeth Foundation Grant, a New York Foundation for the Arts grant and an Ingram Merrill Foundation Grant, scholarships to Yale, the Skowhegan School and the New York Studio School. I have taught at Lehman College (Bronx, NY), Oxbow Summer Program (Michigan), Yale University’s Summer Program (New Haven, CT) and at the University of California at Santa Barbara.



Brian Hubble

Re-designating pre-existing material and interweaving other artists engagements are integral to the infrastructure of my practice. These are used to redirect attention toward my own expression while deferring perception and ownership into a semantic chain. Maneuvering within these slippages allows me to convey something close to the motivating impulses behind my ever-evolving stance. As Peter Land explains, I guess that my work with art is instrumental in my pursuit to establish a valid meaning behind my existence. However, the ethical structures that I try to create around me become invalid, or don’t apply, as my idea of meaning changes or are being changed. My sense of reality collapses, and has to be rebuilt on an ongoing basis.



Muhammed Edrissa Jallow

Arthnic is a 100% Eco friendly clothing line that only uses certified organic cotton; synthetic fabrics that contain recycled content; or renewable fibers produced in a sustainable manner as a medium to express our passion for art and fashion. Our debut collection is our Men’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection. Inspired by New York City & Simplicity. Powered by sustainability.

Arthnic was founded by Edrissa Jallow. He is also the designer and creative director.



Steve Keister

Steve Keister is a sculptor and ceramicist. He has exhibited extensively since the 1970’s, including the 1981 Whitney Biennial, and solo exhibitions at the Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles, Galerie Rudolf Zwirner, Cologne, BlumHelman Gallery, New York, and Feature Inc., New York. He has received numerous grants including a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in 2000. His work is included in many museum collections including The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.



Daniel Maidman

Daniel Maidman is a painter who applies a classical grounding to a contemporary sensibility. His art had been shown in juried exhibitions in New York, Washington, DC, California, Ohio, Missouri, and Oregon, and was selected by the Saatchi Gallery to be displayed at Gallery Mess in London. His art and writing on art have been featured in ARTnews, American Art Collector, International Artist, Poets/Artists, Manifest, The Artist’s Magazine, The New York Optimist, and the publishing arm of SUNY-Potsam. He blogs for The Huffington Post and Artist Daily. His writing on Da Vinci is currently taught at DePaul University and Roosevelt University.

His paintings range from the figure and portraiture, to still lives and landscapes, to investigations of machinery, architecture, and microflaura. His images occupy a spectrum from high rendering to almost total abstraction.

His work is included in numerous private collections, among them those of New York Magazine senior art critic Jerry Saltz, Chicago collector Howard Tullman, best-selling novelist China Mieville, Disney senior vice president Jackson George, and author Kathleen Rooney. He is represented by Dacia Gallery in Manhattan. His writing on art is collected at and at He lives and paints in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Luis Mallo
Luis Mallo was born in Havana, Cuba in 1962. He and his family left the island in 1970 and after spending five years in Spain, settled in the U.S. He studied photography and graphic design at F.I.T. in New York City.

During the last twenty years, his work has been shown in various exhibitions around the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. He is a recipient of the Cintas Fellowship and The Art Matters Photography Award. His photographs are included in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the George Eastman House, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Worcester Museum of Art and The New York Public Library, as well as other public and private collections.

Luis Mall is represented by Praxis Art Gallery in New York and Sicardi Gallery in Houston. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Carey Maxon

Arthur May
Although essentially a self-taught artist, Mr. May is a noted architect with numerous AIA honors and awards. He holds degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Pennsylvania where he studied with Louis I Kahn. HE is a fellow of the AIA as well as the American Academy in Rome where he presented a one-man show of paintings and drawings at the completion of his fellowship. In the spring of 2009 he had a solo show at Art 101 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Most recently a group of his drawings were accepted into the Drawing Center’s Viewing Program.

Shane McAdams

Shane McAdams is an artist, curator and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He received his MFA from the Pratt Institute and has contributed cultural criticism to the Brooklyn Rail since 2003. His art has been shown at Caren Golden Fine Art, Allegra LaViola Gallery, Marlborough, Chelsea and Elizabeth Leach Gallery, among others. His work has been reviewed in the New York Times, the NewYork Observer and the Village Voice. He has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, Marian University and currently commutes between Wisconsin and Brooklyn to teach art, and blogs about the experience on

Mineo Mizuno

Born in Japan; he lived in Los Angeles, California where he established his studio for 46 years until 2012. Currently working on experimental Moss project at Storm King, Cedar House in New Windsor, NY. Next Major show will be “Water” at Armory Art Center, Pasadena, California in the fall of 2012. Mizuno’a works are in numerous private collections as well as the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C., Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Long Beach Museum of Art, Crocker Art Museum, Sacrament, California, The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Shigaraki, Japan, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan.

Cheryl Molnar

Cheryl Molnar is a collage and multimedia artist based in New York City. Since her childhood in suburban Long Island, she has been attuned to the tension between human progress and nature. Cheryl’s work finds similar development patterns in the mixed-use neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where the artist has lived and worked for the past ten years. During this time, real estate development, along with a fresh wave of gentrification, have significantly altered both the social fabric and the landscape of this formerly working-class enclave.

In 2000, Cheryl received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and in 2005, she received a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute. In the spring, she will be participating in the Smack Mellon artist in residence program. Her work has also been exhibited in galleries across the country including, Carren Golden Fine Art in New York and White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. Her work is included in the Microsoft collection and the Cantor Fitzgerald collection.

Sylvia Nagy

My work is not an attempt to reproduce the visible, but to make the underlying meanings of things visible. Life is often lived like we play a game of chess. We are taught to play correctly and we learn new strategies in the hope of winning. The human/physical world dynamic need to change our lives in order for us to reconnect with Mother Nature. We need new concepts and meanings in our life. We all have to think globally; not just about it’s warming, but also regarding the connection to each other and to new possibilities. We play our game of chess but we are all different individuals in the rapidly changing world, with nothing being only black and white, but an array of colors and tones. We have to play together to be at peace with nature and all be the world-winner.

There always remains, beyond the multiplicity of possible interpretations, something indefinable. The world is full of contradictions. All events in our lives are connected. The endless rotation of life and death are the nature of the universe. The evolution of our spirit is reflected by the way we live our lives. We are all as strong and fragile as ceramic vases, which can be broken accidentally.

Often our lives can seem tragic and yet when we look back on our experiences, we find them comical. To recognize how the rhythm of the natural elements reflect upon the mystery of opposites, I strive to contemplate the harmony of black and white, fire and water, and cold and heat in search for the right balance between them to compose my own music in sculpture. The free spirit brings forth infinite imagination.

Creating contemporary work in ceramics demands a sensibility to reflect new ideas in a changing world creating individual symbols, which turns to a universally communicable language.


Olivia Peebles

Olivia Peebles work explores the nature of the process of painting. Her aesthetic is unrefined; exaggerated by her fluorescent color schemes, playful doodles, and use of stickers that speak to her heavier, wet, and fast brushstrokes. From this, there is a sense of tension in her paintings created by quick strokes and drips clashing with tiny drawings—certain forms and objects obsessively reappearing. Despite her bright and playful colors and doodles, there is a darkness behind Ms. Peebles’ work that can only be read as cynicism. Her brushwork, seems to long for a return to abstract expressionism, but the addition of stickers and glitter and oddly-themed doodles puts these intentions into question.


Jenna Ransom
Jenna Ransom is a Brooklyn artist who received her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2005. Her paintings and graphite drawings evoke uncertainty despite a sense of place with familiar motifs of nature and organic structures.

Robert Raphael

My work is fueled by a dedication to the decorative. I have always investigated the decorative arts and taken advantage of the languages employed in that construct. This research has led me to a love of pattern, excess, and ornament. The decorative is often seen as superficial, but I believe in its power to seduce us into greater depths. Recently, I have been creating structures from unfinished lumber, a traditional material for building. These wooden structures refer to architecture, furniture and minimalism. I incorporate and decorate these works with ornamentation. These decorative elements manifest in visual surfaces that employ porcelain, pattern, paint and ribbon. Ornamenting the lumber structures are delicate porcelain floral bouquets and geometric shapes fused with dripping glaze and paint. These decorative materials are often linked to the feminine and I enlist them to provide a metaphorical context for sexual identity. I use craft processes and materials as subtly powerful signifiers of queer aesthetics and sexuality. I am interested in combining these perceived masculine and feminine materials to create a platform to investigate structure and ornament, decoration and function, and sexual difference.

Joey Syta

Which came first, the artist, the viewer, or the object? With particular attention to process, materials, and aesthetics, I am interested in making work that explores the metaphorical aspects of this causality dilemma and the effect it has on the production, observation, and definition of art. Knowledge, experience, environment, circumstance, intent, and chance are all factors that connect and inform the three roles of the typical art trichotomy. My artistic method focuses on manipulating and combining those factors to create ephemeral moments and metaphysical states that reflect the relationships formed as artist, viewer, and object circularly reference each other.


Irvin Tepper

My own work has always been experimental, using sculpture, ceramic, drawing, photography, video and printmaking to probe media specific parameters and to investigate the tensions between narrative and form. I have had retrospective exhibitions at The St. Louis Art Museum, The Kunstmuseum in Bern, Switzerland, The Newport Harbor Art Museum, and the University Art Museum, Berkeley. My work is in the permanent collections of these institutions, as well as those of The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Smithsonian Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Arkansas Art Center, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and a dozen more. I have also shown my work in over 100 group exhibitions internationally since 1969. My work in slip casting has been the subject of a graduate thesis at The Royal College of Art, London. I have been using slip casting techniques to make the forms which I alter to create my sculpture since l969. There are over twenty articles and reviews, in addition to ten catalogues and books, devoted to the critical discussion of my art. I have given over ninety lectures to institutions, including The Chicago Art Institute, The Maryland Art Institute, The Nelson Atkins Museum, and Cooper Union. Among other awards over the years, in l992, I received the National Endowment for the Arts individual fellowship award and the Agnes Bourne Fellowship, Djerassi Foundation. In 2003 a retrospective exhibition and 140 page book with over 100 illustrations and seven essays titled “When Cups Speak…”Life with the Cup, a twenty five year survey had a national tour that began at the Thompson Gallery of Art, California State University, San Jose, California toured the United States and completed its tour at The Schien-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Arts at Alfred University, Alfred,New York.

Underwater Peoples Records

Underwater Peoples aims to discover, release, and promote new and contemporary artists with a progressive vision. We are striving to build a collective without the confines of genre, instead focusing on individuality and exceptionality. Underwater Peoples is unique in its endeavor to foster and maintain a creative atmosphere that encourages collaboration between our artists, new and old. We stand for our artists, their music stands for itself.

Edwin Vera


Edwin Vera was born and raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn and has lived in the area all his life. He got his BFA at Cooper Union and while there studied ceramic design as a mobility student at Parsons. He has sold his porcelain figurines and vessels at The American Craft Museum in NYC, Matter, Jonathan Adler soho, and has shown multimedia sculptural work at 31 Grand gallery in Williamsburg. He’s presently ceramic designer/sculptor at Jonathan Adler enterprises.

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