June 14, 2008


Elia Bettaglio
Suite 1-S

Elia Bettaglio’s current work consists of graphite drawings, ink wash drawings, and oil paintings. Each medium brings out different conceptual elements both formally and contextually. The graphite drawings are collage-type surrealist constructions using cut sections of pre-existing prints and by hand. The Sumi ink wash drawings grow out of brain storming connections to the nature of ink, and its random representational aspects. The paintings are a refined reflection of the artist’s drawing techniques and the vast historical roots of oil painting itself. Born 1979, Minneapolis, MN. BFA 2002 Rocky Mountain College of ART and Design. MFA 2005 Pratt Institute.

Ann Chisholm
Suite 4-E-7

Ann Chisholm’s paintings explore the interaction of the subconscious mind and the conscious state. The artist’s work confronts countervailing concepts; it deals with a thesis, an antithesis, and a synthesis. For example, with paint, color, and line each representing conflicting ideas. Fate contrasts with free will. Destiny is juxtaposed to chance. And science confronts religion. Random images are intermixed with designed and planned elements creating compositions with a harmonious disjointedness in which subject and meaning are partially concealed.

Kevin Cyr
Suite B-3-A

Kevin Cyr has been living and working in Brooklyn for the past three years, and has also been doing short residencies in Beijing for the last two. He was raised in Northern Maine and attended college in Boston at Massachusetts College of Art. He is currently working on a project incorporating his Maine upbringing, and recent experiences from China, infusing elements of outdoor recreation with traditional Chinese modes of transportation.

James Gilroy
Suite 3-H

“…my work is organic, instinctive and intuitive... I don’t work from theory… ..the best things happen when I step aside … allowing moments of creation to evolve the work organically ….this experience reflects my own evolving, experiental life……so when I am working well, my paintings become my life and in this process I’m honest to myself, I’m exposing myself, and I’m opening myself up to my own personal truths… …for me, experience is a “living breathing reality."

Ed Heck
Suite 3-G

Fresh. Bold. Engaging. These words often come to mind upon viewing the artwork of Pop Artist Ed Heck. One is immediately disarmed by the naïve charm of these brightly colored works on paper and canvas.

Ed Heck’s enigmatic canvases were first exhibited in New York City in 1999 and were an instant hit. The viewer response was overwhelming. Reactions ranged from surprised appreciation to pure delight.

Ed Heck’s artwork appeals to a varied audience, from fine art newcomers to serious collectors. His eclectic style combines animation like subject matter with an evocative use of color, coupling a wry sense of humor with generous doses of irony. His images lead us into a place uniquely Heck, filled with weird and wonderful characters, odd landscapes and a quirky visual point of view, quite unlike anything else we’ve seen before.

Welcome to the world of Ed Heck!

Brian Hubble
Suite B-6
The artist through humor, confusion, and absurdity has created paintings and videos which blur the line between reality and imagination.

Hubble’s work is a continual interplay and replay between the artist, his subjects, and his patrons. The work creates its own virtual world in multi-media applications with its own internal reality – and a twist which can sometimes be at the viewer’s expense.

Daniel Maidman
Suite 4-E-6

Daniel Maidman was raised in Toronto, Jerusalem, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. He attended Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto, Canada and completed an undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. He lived in Los Angeles for eight years, during which time he pursued life drawing and anatomical dissection studies. Drawings from his anatomical atlas are in use in the U.S. Army’s forensics field manual. He has been painting figurative oils for several years now.His primary influences are Velazquez, Titian, and Rubens.

Arthur May
Suite 1-L
Arthur May’s work is comprised of small (24” x 24” or 30” x 30”) abstract carefully crafted oil on canvas or oil on panels paintings and is influenced by artists who worked in the first half of the twentieth century. The paintings reassert the case for non-minimal abstract art.

The images deal with reality at a studied distance and with formalist issues such as, balance, proportion, and scale. Space and spatial resolution are primary criteria and color is used for its emotional impact. The works’ spatial ambiguity expands perceptual possibilities.

Arthur May is a self-taught artist. He holds degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Pennsylvania where he studied painting with George Rickey and Neil Welliver. He is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome where he presented a one-man show of paintings and drawings at the completion of his fellowship.

Shane McAdams
Suite 1-S
Shane’s work is process-based and abstract. His work aims to stretch the limits of the common materials. He looks to extract and utilize the basic forces and properties inherent in the materials themselves. Small and incrementally different effects are achieved by varying the process and the materials.

Shane McAdams is an artist, writer, and curator, residing in Brooklyn. He is a regular contributor to The Brooklyn Rail and his most recent curatorial project Tension/Release will open at Caren Golden Fine Art Gallery on June 26, 2008.

Kellyann Monaghan
Suite 4-C

The artist was born in Philadelphia. She studied Painting at Philadelphia’s Moore College of Art and Design. After graduation, she developed her fascination with the Cityscape from the vantage of her first studio, located in Philadelphia’s Old City. There she found the windows, the factory buildings, and the rooftops which fill her canvases.

In 1999 she enrolled in Brooklyn College’s MFA Program. Today, Kellyann lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where she continues painting Urban Landscapes and New York’s Interior Spaces. Kellyann is an Assistant Professor at Adelphi University and teaches painting full time.

Matilde Montanari
Suite 2-C
Ms. Montanari’s medium is photography. Her work explores the relationships between the private self and the outside world, between an individual’s intimate dream world and private flights of fancy and the exterior realities of the world about us. The artist’s work systematically explores our everyday lives as well as life’s technicolor, dream-like and timeless dimensions.

Matilde was born in Bologna, Italy in 1979. She is a graduate of the University of Bologna with a degree in Law and Criminal Sociology. Her work has been exhibited in Italy, Germany and the United States. Her credits include a still photography assignment for the movie Flora (which was nominated at the Cannes Film Festival), First Prize for “Le Logge” of Toscana Foto Festival, and inclusion among the winners in June, 2003 of The Portfolio Prize, Young Photographers in Italy. The artist currently lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Zane York
Suite 4E-12
Zane York’s work reflects a keen eye.The principle concern of his recent work is that of condition and this theme is relayed through paintings that are sometimes disarming, but always engaging.

They shed light on the overlooked, the undervalued, and the misunderstood.
An investment is placed on curious imagery, often trivial, morose, or obfuscated, which strikes a profound visual resonance not easily described away by the viewer. Amongst other concepts the work calls into question notions of imperfection, anthropomorphism, and beauty.

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